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Making birth better.

Hi, I'm Poppy,

Whether you have just found out you are pregnant or well into your third trimester, it's my goal to make sure you feel confident, informed and inspired about your exciting journey ahead.

I’m a certified Hypnobirthing practitioner, doula and counsellor. I've had the honour of working with hundreds of expectant around the world and I absolutely love what I do; my clients feel my passion and energy through my teachings and presence in the birthing space. 

If you'd like to learn more about what I do then scroll down to find out more about my services, I can't wait to help you go into birth feeling totally ready and confident.

The benefits of Hypnobirthing



Pregnant Woman in Underwear


Pregnant Woman


Let me introduce Hypnobirthing

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about me, hypnobirthing and the courses I offer. Scroll down below to see my services and how I can best serve you, your birthing partner, and your birth

Hypnobirthing Essentails 
One-to-One |
 4 hours 
£480 per couple 

A fully comprehensive Hypnobirthing course where we explore: the mind body connection, reframing pain, birth partner support, your birth rights, practical tools for labour and the stages of labour. You'll leave this course knowing everything you need to have a positive birth experience. 


"Poppy is an excellent teacher. She is patient, calm, engaging and she is full of knowledge. I can now say I am excited for my birth and I am confident, prepared and informed. Thank you so much Poppy!"




Hypnobirthing Essentials
£240 per couple | 3hrs

A perfect course if you've done another antenatal class such as NCT and you're looking for practical and mindset tools to manage labour. Or if you did Hypnobirthing for a previous birth but would like a refresher. This course comes with a dynamic set of audios - calming meditations, guided breathing exercises and podcast-style audios to get you
pumped and ready for birth. At the end of the session, you will feel more confident in the birthing process and will have a set of tools to take charge of your labour.

"Couldn’t recommend Poppy and the Hypnobirthing Essentials course enough! Poppy had such an infectious positive energy, was so informative and really tailored the course to our personal circumstance. Thank you Poppy for giving us the tools and support for a beautiful birth!"

"Birth Box is excellent! The material helped give me the proper mindset and concrete tools for the delivery of my little boy. I was able to have a calm, beautiful birth that I will look back on as a special memory"

Cost: £65


This one-of-a-kind online Hypnobirthing course features both video and audio content to help you navigate pregnancy and birth. From what choices to make, to how to manage pain in labour, you'll be given everything you need to know to have an incredible birth experience.

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Buy My Meditations 

Due to popular demand, my meditations are now available for download.
"I just loved moving around so much and picturing myself in labour, I carried on even though the audio finished!"
If you sign up to a course you will
receive these at no extra cost.

For enquiries about any of the courses above please use this form and I will get back to you!

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