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Pregnancy & Birthing Tracks
A collection of my most rated meditations.

The complete POP THAT MUMMA meditations


These audios were made with one purpose in mind, to help you to have a calm and connected pregnancy and ease any anxieties you have around birth. If that sounds like something you've been looking for then you can enjoy the complete selection of Pop That Mumma audios, guaranteed to help you feel more positive and confident going into birth.

*note - all tracks available in Birth Box*

"There were points in my labour where I wanted to give up, but then I'd hear the affirmations in the background, almost piercing through the pain and giving me the strength I needed to continue"

A peek inside...

  • Fear Releasing Visualisation 

  • Connecting to Baby Meditation

  • Hypnobirthing Relaxation & Affirmations

  • Calming Positive Affirmations for Background Music

  • Surrender to Birth Meditation

  • Hypnobirth - Early Labour Background Track

  • Upbeat Positive Affirmations for Your Daily Activities

  • Guided Movement for Active Labour

  • Pregnancy Anxiety Relief Meditation

  • Fear Releasing Meditation

  • Guided Breathing & Vocalisation

  • Immersive Breathing Excerise 

  • Active Labour Background track

  • Birth Partner Meditation 


Available on major podcast players *excluding Spotify

These meditations have helped me to stay calm throughout pregnancy, thank you so much


I'm a Hypnobirthing practitioner, counsellor, certified doula and mother.
My mission is to help mothers and parents reclaim their power and trust in their bodies.

From my Hypnobirthing experience, and creating Birth Box, I knew that something was missing in the support that is offered to mums after birth.
The Hypnobirthing tools and techniques still work without a baby in your belly. That is why I created the post-natal album of meditations working alongside music composers to develop some completely bespoke tracks.
This is designed to give you a space that's yours in the small bits of time that belong to you right now.
Having a baby is amazing, making time for yourself is vital.

I'm Poppy


Why Birth Box?

What others say

Your surge audio was ace - I breathed through it all from the start to finish - so much so the hospital didn’t believe I was in active labour and my partner turned up 15mins before birth-  your audio was my birthing partner and companion 🌈⭐️✨🍼👶🏻

I listened to your audio in the bath to keep me calm and focussed through some very intense

There are tons of birth meditations on YouTube etc but having some dedicated audio you can use anywhere (even as you fall asleep, uninterrupted by ads!)

The positive affirmations were key for me. I listened to the upbeat one so much it became like a song I knew


Qualifications & credentials

Fully Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner 

Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives 


Recognised by Doula UK

DIP Counselling


Trained in Human Rights & Childbirth Advocacy 

Trained in Biomechanics & Optimal Positioning 

Helping you to develop a positive mindset and learn practical tools and techniques to take charge of your labour. You’ll release fear and build confidence as you work your way through modules which combine video and audio content. Birth Box features interactive elements that deepen the learning, from immersive breathing exercises and guided movement through to a 3D fear releasing audio and meditations. This is a birthing course like no other. Get ready to be informed, inspired and excited for birth. 

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