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The pop that mumma hypnobirthing method is fresh and exciting with tools and techniques from hypnobirthing blended with active and immersive techniques. From movement and breathwork right through to pain-matching and vocalisation, you’ll be given a complete birthing tool-box that you will feel confident and excited to use. The course is a fully interactive experience with mindset and practical tools to help you take charge of your labour. Activities are designed specifically to get you and your birth partner on the same page: informed, ready and excited for birth. 

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Benefits of Hypnobirthing

A positive and calm pregnancy

Informed about maternity systems

Release fears around birth

Empowered decision making

Complete trust in birthing instinct

Clear birth partner role &  advocacy 

Fewer interventions

 Experience a powerful and transformative birth


Feeling confident with your birthing body and the process of birth is vital to a positive birth. Knowledge is power: throughout the course we’ll explore the science and physiology of birth, connecting you to what is happening in your body, instilling confidence. Birth can be unpredictable and your mindset is key. Through the course you’ll learn how to handle any setbacks and remain positive and open. 

Pain is Power

Pain is one of the first things we’ll address, as fear of pain is the main reasons this course exists. You’ll learn how to completely reframe how you think about labour pain and begin to view the sensation as something very powerful that YOU create. Many of my clients have achieved amazing things by shifting their mindset when it comes to pain, and I can’t wait to help you to do the same. 

Empowered mindset

Regardless of how you give birth, feeling a sense of ownership is crucial to feeling positive about your experience. In order to empower ourselves we need to be fully informed about our choices. As the saying goes “if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any”. This course will help you to know your rights and make informed decisions about your care. 


Hello & Welcome

Hi, I'm Poppy; a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner, trained counsellor and mum to Juniper. What you will get from working with me is someone who is passionate, caring and present. I am fully dedicated to helping you feel informed, confident and excited about the birth of your child.

This course was super insightful with a range of topics. Poppy is super caring and fluent in her knowledge and you can feel her passion through her teachings and guidance. Would absolutely recommend taking part in her course as it made me feel more confident, relaxed, and open-minded towards the birthing process.


"Poppy has this magical way of effortlessly explaining all kinds of topics regarding the whole pregnancy journey. More importantly, she truly helped me feel powerful in my birth experience. No matter what it would turn out to be, I knew I was in control and could do this! Thank you so much for your beautiful insights and soothing voice that got me through the last stretch of my pregnancy journey."

“I just wanted to say how much you have helped with my fear of birth. I am just sooooo incredibly grateful I have found you. Your birth story brought me to tears and has given me strength for my birth in a few weeks time.” 

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so generous with your experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm... I am just absolutely loving what you are doing and so appreciative and grateful to have stumbled across you.”

“Being on the receiving end of a course that you have created feels like the most empowering thing I’ve ever experienced and I really mean that! And the course isn’t even over yet!"

“We absolutely loved the course. You held the space so beautifully for my husband and I, enabling us to bond and speak about our feelings, fears and expectations."

“I feel so much closer to my husband after our first session with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

“Poppy took us on a truly empowering journey so expertly and effortlessly. We came out the other end feeling closer to each other and looking forward to our labour and birth experience rather than being scared or stressed about it. The course filled some important knowledge gaps and provided so many practical tips and advice, but also, unexpectedly, triggered invaluable conversations between us and some deep personal revelations too. We cannot recommend Poppy enough!”

“Loved your passion, energy and approach! Felt like we were chatting to an old friend over coffee about all things birth. Can’t wait for the next session! Would Really recommend it to anyone seeking Hypnobirthing courses because it is just sooo much more than that!."

"Poppy has found the perfect balance of empowering a woman's rights, decisions and trusting her intuition whilst also encouraging a positive view of medical and expert opinions. The variety of guests and experiences shared validates and normalizes everyone’s unique birthing experience and has really helped me overcome some birth trauma from my first and feel much more positive for my second.  She has such a beautiful and natural way of sharing her feelings and experience it's like listening to a friend who cares deeply for you. Her passion is so evident, her words so empowering and her knowledge is so important."

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