My courses are interactive with full birth partner involvement and engagement. I offer 3 types of courses, a 6-hour full Hypnobirthing course (£320), a 3-hour 'lite' course (£150), and a Power Hour session (£50). Each course comes with a dynamic set of audios to get you feeling ready for birth, from immersive breathing exercises through to calming meditations for labour, this course has everything you need to get confident and prepared for birth.

Hypnobirthing (Full Course)
One-to-One |
 6 hours 
£320 per couple 

A fully comprehensive course where we explore: the mind body connection, reframing pain, birth partner support, your birth rights, practical tools for labour and the stages of labour.


Module 1

  • Why birth is important

  • Your birthing vision

  • Mind-body-connection

  • Physiology & power of birth

  • Birth in time

  • The power of words

Module 2

  • Hypnobirthing techniques: breathing, relaxation, visualisation

  • Instinct v control

  • Optimum birthing positions 

  • Birth mindset

  • Powerful mantras & affirmations 

Module 3

  • Power dynamics during birth

  • Harnessing pain for power

  • Movement & vocalisation 

  • Informed decisions

  • Birth partner role & advocacy

  • Due dates 

Module 4

  • Induction

  • Special circumstances

  • Pain management options

  • Stages of labour

  • The birth 

  • Meeting your baby & the golden hour


Birth Prep Masterclass
hours | £20 per couple 
25th May, 7pm - 9pm


A jam packed 2-hour masterclass taught over zoom, you will learn: 

How to overcome fear
Practical tools & techniques for labour
Birth planning guidance

Packaged with meditations, guided audios (breathing, movement etc.) and tools for your birth partner.

Click on the link below to purchase a ticket


Hypnobirthing Lite
£150 per couple | 3hrs

A perfect course if you've done NCT classes and you're looking for practical and mindset tools to manage labour.  At the end of the session, you will feel more confident in the birthing process and will have a set of tools to take charge of your labour.

Power Hour
£50 per couple

A private session covering the most important aspects of the course with a focus on tools & techniques for managing labour. This session is ideal if you're in the third trimester and are looking for a shorter course. 

Buy My Meditations 
Due to popular demand, my meditations are now available for download. If you sign up to a course you will receive these.
"I just loved moving around so much and picturing myself in labour, I carried on even though the audio finished!"


Pregnant Woman and Partner

“Poppy took us on a truly empowering journey so expertly and effortlessly. We came out the other end feeling closer to each other and looking forward to our labour and birth experience. We cannot recommend Poppy enough!”

Cellicia Cao (South America)

“Loved your passion, energy and approach! Felt like we were chatting to an old friend over coffee about all things birth. Would Really recommend it to anyone seeking Hypnobirthing courses because it is just sooo much more than that!."

-Karmen De Reuk (South Afirca)

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