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Tracy's Birth Story

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for creating such a fab birth box. I used it in the third trimester and regularly listened to the tracks. I’m from the UK though now live in rural Australia. I had two natural water births before and I was expecting my 3rd. Living almost 2 hours from hospital and knowing I had quick labours before meant I was trying to prepare myself mentally for how quick this birth could be. My waters broke suddenly (they never did with my previous two) then contractions kicked in straight away. We got in the car and just drove. It was late evening so driving in the dark meant looking out for kangaroos whilst trying to get to hospital quickly. My husband focused on getting us there safely and I put my tracks on and just focused on breathing through strong contractions and trying to keep calm. I knew the contractions were getting stronger and closer together and I was pretty close to feeling the urge to push. We arrived at the hospital and baby was born within 10 minutes. They had quickly filled the birthing pool but there literally wasn’t time to jump in! I instinctively hopped onto a bed on all fours and baby was out in a few pushes- a boy. The two midwives were really impressed by the cord- it was thick and pulsing for ages. They gave it time to stop pulsing before it was clamped and my husband cut the cord. A couple of small stitches for me but nothing major. And our gorgeous boy here safe and sound. Thanks again for the brilliant birth box and especially the tracks- they gave me the confidence to have a positive birthing experience and keep grounded! 

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