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Birth Box

Your Birthing Toolbox. Sorted.

a place for creating space, rest and hitting restart...
...all within your headphones

Your audible sanctuary as you transition from pregnancy to motherhood

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During my pregnancy, Hypnobirthing meditations became my sanctuary, my anchor during stressful times. They became the safe haven in my mind, transporting me to imaginary worlds that I absolutely loved and often missed during the post-natal period.

With Soul Sonic, I've created a place for you to escape when you need to, a sanctuary to call your own. Each track is carefully crafted to guide you to that inner stillness, that peaceful oasis we all have within us. ❤️

Soul Sonic provides you with the three most important things you need right now

- Space for you

- Regulating your nervous system

- Taking time to rest


Simply plug in, pause and listen.


"I love that it’s 15 minutes where you can completely
shut off from your daily worries and focus on yourself"



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10min Bubble Relaxer - no more overwhelm, enter a place of deep relaxation

Snowflake Destress & Refresh Visualization - slow down racing thoughts 

Floating Bed Relaxation - escape

Body Confidence Affirmations - own being uniquely YOU

The Deserted Garden Relaxation - enter your safe haven, reflect on important questions 

The Garden of Sound Immersion - rejuvenating our soul

10min Reset - come back to the best YOU

3min Guided Breathing - breathe with a tribal beat 

Scream - release tension in this invigorating screaming activity! 

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Available on all major podcast players (apart from Spotify as the Hello Audio & Spotify connection is under maintenance) 

"I loved the affirmations about comparing myself to others and letting go and how tomorrow
will be a new day."


a Hypnobirthing practitioner, counsellor, certified doula and mother.
My mission is to help mothers and parents reclaim their power and trust in their bodies.

From my Hypnobirthing experience, and creating Birth Box, I knew that something was missing in the support that is offered to mums after birth.
The Hypnobirthing tools and techniques still work without a baby in your belly. That is why I created the post-natal album of meditations working alongside music composers to develop some completely bespoke tracks.
This is designed to give you a space that's yours in the small bits of time that belong to you right now.
Having a baby is amazing, making time for yourself is vital.

I'm Poppy


Why Birth Box?

What others say about Soul Sonic

I was blown away with the feeling of falling into the meditation completely. I felt my whole body jolt and my heart rate calm to a number I haven't seen for quite a while.

I found great pleasure and comfort in your soothing meditations. You have such a calming voice and I learnt so much preparing with your course.

It was just so perfect and empowering. It was extremely calming to listen to you and I loved every bit of it.

They made me feel positive and calm. It also made me realise that a lot of my worries are normal and
valid and I’m not just overreacting or overthinking things.


Qualifications & credentials

Fully Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner 

Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives 


Recognised by Doula UK

DIP Counselling


Trained in Human Rights & Childbirth Advocacy 

Trained in Biomechanics & Optimal Positioning 

Helping you to develop a positive mindset and learn practical tools and techniques to take charge of your labour. You’ll release fear and build confidence as you work your way through modules which combine video and audio content. Birth Box features interactive elements that deepen the learning, from immersive breathing exercises and guided movement through to a 3D fear releasing audio and meditations. This is a birthing course like no other. Get ready to be informed, inspired and excited for birth. 

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