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The only real-talk Hypnobirthing Online Course led by Poppy Child

Available Worldwide

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is all about mindset. The first step is about eliminating fears, the social conditioning that birth has to be scary and dramatic. Step two is about learning a set of empowering tools and techniques to help you work with the sensations of labour, instead of fight against them....

...and real-talk hypnobirthing?

This isn't a traditional hypnobirthing course where I encourage you to 'breathe your baby out' and 'feel no pain'. We are going to work with the intensity of birth head-on - welcome to step three. I am not going to leave you in the dark, feeling unprepared when the time comes. You are going to feel empowered, ready and totally armed with the tools and mindsets to give birth.

Learn How To

I'm usually a very anxious person and after doing your course and listening to your meditations daily, I'm feeling extremely empowered and confident for when my little girl decides to arrive

Charlotte Ames, Aus

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Meet Your Birth Guide/ Digital Doula

Hi! I am Poppy Child, the force behind Pop That Mumma. I am a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Doula, and Counsellor. My extensive training spans a range of disciplines, including birthing physiology, human rights in childbirth, and specialised expertise in biomechanics and optimal birthing positioning. I support 3-4 births per month across hospital and home birth settings. What makes this online course unique is my hands-on real-life experiences that are intricately woven throughout, as well as my creativity, unique ideas and relentless dedication to this work.

Why Birth Box?

My passion was sparked by my own birth with my daughter. 


I stomped and vocalised my way through labour. 


I rocked, swayed and moo-ed. 


It was NOT the glorified ‘silent & controlled’  kinda Hypnobirth. 


It was the opposite - wild, primitive and empowering. 


After this experience I felt deep in my bones that I needed to help others, and I have not stopped since. 

I believe every mum deserves to have a positive birth experience. So I have packaged everything I know from my training and real life experience to create a real-talk hypnobirthing course so you can feel empowered for giving  birth YOUR WAY

So, what’s actually in Birth Box?

  • ​8 video tutorials

 -  including; creating YOUR vision for birth, mindset tools for pain management, birthing positions, birth ball techniques, and stages of labour. 

  • 7 podcast-style tracks

- helping you to overcome your fears, trust your body, know your rights and advocate for yourself; featuring a bespoke track for your birth partner.

  • 10 powerful meditations

 - including; managing anxiety, positive affirmations, bonding with baby, learning to let go, plus a soothing labour & birth track. 

  • 6 guided audios

- for practising your breathing, vocalising and movement techniques. 

  • 15 Digital Downloads

- including; birth planning guide & template, hospital bag essentials, induction & interventions and decision making & advocacy tools.

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Hosted on no .1 online learning platform

Available for instant download on desktop and mobile App

Birth Box is appropriate for families all over the world - 50% of users are from the US!

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After Birth Box you will feel

  • Fully equipped with tools & techniques for labour. 

  • Empowered, embodied and filled with a force that you can harness when you need to.

  • Like a team player with your birth partner ready to take on the match of a lifetime!

  • Utterly focused with your meditations, and emotionally anchored.

It brought tears to my eyes to hear you say that no birth is a failure. I took a hypnobirthing class with my first and it almost seemed if you got an epidural or required additional intervention, your birth was a failure. Thank you for making this course!!

Alexa Young, CA

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Fancy a taster?

Whilst a few sample downloads will not have the same impact as the course, it is always nice to see if you feel my voice is the right voice for you on this journey!

So here are 3 sample downloads for you as you take your first steps towards a real-talk hypnobirthing course!

Thanks for submitting!

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