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Pregnancy & Birth Meditations & Guided Audios


 " There were points in my labour where I wanted to give up, but then I'd hear the affirmations in the background, almost piercing through the pain and giving me the strength I needed to continue "

"These meditations have helped me to stay calm throughout pregnancy, thank you so much”

"Your soothing voice really carried me through my pregnancy & birth"

...if you enjoyed my positive affirmations taster - you'll love this album ❤️

These audios were made with one purpose in mind, to help you to have a calm and connected pregnancy and ease any anxieties you have around birth.


If that sounds like something you've been looking for then you can enjoy the complete selection of Pop That Mumma audios, guaranteed to help you feel more positive and confident going into birth.

For a one-time payment, you'll receive the following tracks:

  1. Fear Releasing Visualisation 

  2. Connecting to Baby Meditation

  3. Hypnobirthing Relaxation & Affirmations

  4. Calming Positive Affirmations for Background Music

  5. Surrender to Birth Meditation

  6. Hypnobirth - Early Labour Background Track

  7. Upbeat Positive Affirmations for Your Daily Activities

  8. Guided Movement for Active Labour

  9. Pregnancy Anxiety Relief Meditation

  10. Fear Releasing Meditation

  11. BONUS Story Time - Built for Birth - empowering podcast-style audio to get you pumped for birth

Download your free sample positive affirmations track here

Amazing! Click the link to save it straight to your phone: download here

These audios are for you, any place, any time. You'll be able to tune into this very special album on your chosen podcast player, e.g. I-tunes, Google podcasts etc. PDF instructions in the download pack.


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