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Welcome to my Doula Services

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hear it from the mothers

You were such an amazing source of support for us both during the birth of our beautiful baby boy. I'm so glad that I found my way to you. You helped me achieve the birth I wanted

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How a doula can help you

I’m Poppy: mother, Continuum Doula (regonised by Doula UK), and passionate birth educator.

I hope that as you read through my profile you get a sense of who I am and if I am the right person to support you on this incredible and transformational journey. 

So let's start with defining what a doula is: 

A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support for the woman before, during, and after childbirth. We aren't medically trained, but we can help you navigate the healthcare system and advocate for your needs and preferences during labour.  We can also offer comfort measures such as massage, breathing techniques, and emotional support to help you have a more positive birth experience. 

I absolutely LOVE being a doula and am often am told that my passion for birth is contagious. My clients always leave my birth prep sessions feeling pumped and ready for birth. So if that’s how you’d like to feel then let's have a conversation!

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AN Approach just for you

Everyone will have their own unique approach and birthing philosophy, and in my view, it's really important you choose someone whose approach feels right to you. I will help you work with the sensations of labour and lean into the intensity. I stay clear of ‘coping’ strategies because they almost always stop working effectively when labour ramps up


a key part of my approach is surrendering to the power of birth and melting into it, becoming the energy of birth. I seek to do this through using a physiological technique called reframing: where we look to view the pain sensation as a healthy, functioning sensation that is going to bring your baby into this world. You are not sick or injured and don’t need saving. What you need is people to hold the space for you to work through the physiological sensations of labour and this is what I will do for you. 

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“My birth was positive, powerful and life-changing. I will recommend your work and Hypnobirthing to the bitter end”


How can I help you?

for both you and your partner

If we work together I will teach you and your birth partner practical tools and techniques to take charge of your labour experience, from breathing and visualisation through to active birthing techniques. You will leave with a complete birthing tool-box that you feel ready and excited to use. 

I’m honoured to have supported hundreds of parents now to get mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for birth.  I absolutely love what I do and the feedback has been phenomenal. 

If you choose to work with me you will have someone who is

Pregnancy Exercise

Passionate and devoted

Respectful and emotionally intelligent

Warm, caring and encouraging

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You already know how to give birth and so my role is to ensure you feel supported, heard and cared for throughout your experience. 

If you’d like to know more about my Doula packages then include your details below and I'll get back to you asap.

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