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My Story

My journey began after the empowering and transformative birth experience I had with my daughter.  After giving birth I knew my life was about to change, I felt a fire ignite inside me. Since that moment I have been devoted to spreading positive and empowering information about birth.
I have developed my own Hypnobirthing course, produced a popular podcast and created a digital birthing program: Birth Box.
Most recently I teamed up with the huge Mumas & Papas, Motherly and the App Peanut - it’s been busy!
But above all of this I do this work because of the transformation I witness in my clients. Bit by bit, throughout the course I see their whole perspective on birth change. Until the very end where they are SO ready to take charge and rock their birth.

I have educated and inspired hundreds of women around the world now and I have also been attending births here in London. It is an absolute privilege to be able to be with my clients during birth, to hold the space for them and witness them flow with the rhythm of their labour and experience the power of birth. I’ve learned so much on my journey so far and I cannot wait to share my knowledge and wisdom with you so that you too, get to experience birth as a positive and fulfilling life experience. 

I would be honoured to support you on your journey into motherhood, get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting.



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