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my husband and I watched your masterclass last night, you’re a breath of fresh air and I feel so positive after it 💛

Hi, I'm Poppy and I'm so excited to help you get prepared for birth. In this masterclass I’ll be sharing my top tips for overcoming fear, managing pain and planning for birth - open your mind, get comfy and enjoy!  

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Let's get birth ready together!

Help your body do

what it was built to do

your essential birthing toolkit, all in one place

learn more about Birth Box

The Birth Box gave my the tools to manage a 4-day back labour! My birth was positive and a

How will you feel after Birth Box?



Empowered about your birth

Equipped with practical tools & techniques to manage labour

Able to overcome your fears and build birth confidence

Understand what to expect during labour 

Connected with your birth partner before, during and after

Trusting those incredibly powerful instincts
of yours

£20 off with NHS offer: london

enter code at check out. Offer ends soon


Brittany Bunce

Hypnobirthing is such a beautiful gift to give to you and your baby, to build a loving relationship right from the womb and prepare for a positive birth experience no matter what turn your birth might take.



What's inside?

4 hrs of empowering video &  content 

8 Soothing meditations for pregnancy & birth 

5 podcast on-the-go audios

6 Interactive birth skills audios e.g. guided breathing

PDF section with planning template and more

£20 off with NHS offer: WESTMID

enter code at check out. Offer ends soon

By the end of Birth Box I want you to be saying


I am really prepared, and I am excited for birth

I left this experience feeling educated, prepared and empowered to take on birth!



Pregnant Woman in Underwear


Pregnant Woman


For any stage, any where, any time. 

Birth Box is a go-at-your-own-pace audio and video course designed to make your birth positive, informed and empowered. You will learn how to reframe pain, relearn old stereotypes around birth and ultimately feel in control of your birthing experience. By the end of the course you will feel informed about the physiology of birth, equipped with techniques for managing labour pain, and tools for how to make informed decisions during your pregnancy and birth.

Suzanne Levis

I was drawing close to labour and some fears and trauma from my previous birth were creeping in. I loved the content. I really got where I needed to be. I experience the incredible pause before my daughter was born where everything went quiet, my body relaxed and it was that one final connection with my body during this incredible journey

Fancy a taster? Get your free Calming Positive Affirmations audio here

Birth Box includes calming audios for pregnancy and birth - you can download your FREE positive affirmations track here:

Amazing! Click the link to save it straight to your phone: download here

Advice and tips from Poppy

Connect with Poppy

I was honestly so scared and anxious about labour. I decided to do your course 1 week before my due date. It was so empowering and it really changed my mindset! I was mentally strong and prepared and ready to take on everything and anything that was heading my way! Thank you so much! 

Birth Box: Your Fundemental Birthing Tool-Kit

Rated 5 stars

Used worldwide

Hosted on #1 rated online course platform, Thinkific

Available anytime, anywhere

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