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Hypnobirthing Course


The aim of this course is to help you feel confident about birth, informed about your choices and excited for birth. You will learn how to reframe your perspective on pain and view it as a healthy functioning sensation that is working to bring your baby into this world.  The course is packed full of empowering tools and techniques to help you work with your body and have a positive and fulfilling birth experience. 

Hypnobirthing (Full Course)
One-to-One |
 6 hours 
£320 per couple 

Session 1

  • Why birth is important

  • Your birthing vision

  • Mind-body-connection

  • Physiology & power of birth

  • Birth in time

  • The power of words

Session 2

  • Hypnobirthing techniques: breathing, relaxation, visualisation

  • Instinct v control

  • Optimum birthing positions 

  • Birth mindset

  • Powerful mantras & affirmations 

Session 3

  • Power dynamics during birth

  • Harnessing pain for power

  • Movement & vocalisation 

  • Informed decisions

  • Birth partner role & advocacy

  • Due dates 

Session 4

  • Induction

  • Special circumstances

  • Pain management options

  • Stages of labour

  • The birth 

  • Meeting your baby & the golden hour

GROUP CLASS -email to reserve your space, £250per couple
Group sessions are hosted online over Zoom. 
Session one: 24th April - 10am - 12pm
Session two: May 2nd - 10am - 12pm
Session three: May 15th - 10am - 12pm

Hypnobirthing Lite
£150 per couple | 3hrs

Ideal if you've done NCT class and you're looking for practical and mindset tools to manage labour.  At the end of the session, you will feel more confident in the birthing process and will have a set of tools to take charge of your labour.

Power Hour
£50 per couple

A private session covering the most important aspects of the course with a focus on tools & techniques for managing labour. This session is ideal if you're in the third trimester who are looking for a shorter course. 

Drop your email down below and I'll get in touch!

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