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Overcome fears, gain practical tools and knowledge

Help your body do

what it was built to do

your fundamental birthing toolkit, all in one place

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Welcome to Birth Box

Birth Box is designed to make your birth positive, informed and empowered. You will learn how to reframe pain, relearn old stereotypes around birth and ultimately feel in control of your birthing experience.

In Birth Box your will find tools and techniques for Hypnobirthing, plus tools and techniques for an active birth.

You will finish Birth Box trusting those incredible powerful instincts of yours, knowing that this is what you were built to do, and fundamentally removing any fear you have around your birth.

Birth Box is a fully comprehensive Hypnobirthing course designed to give you a deep, rich and meaningful learning experience in the same way as an in-person course. There are interactive elements throughout such as a guided movement audio and guided breathing exercise which gives the course a similar feel to the in-person sessions.

Brittany Bunce

Hypnobirthing is such a beautiful gift to give to you and your baby, to build a loving relationship right from the womb and prepare for a positive birth experience no matter what turn your birth might take

It could take days or weeks, that's totally up to you. You set your own pace. If you were right at the end of pregnancy you could easily complete the course in 4 days.

365 days. If you need access to it again for a further pregnancy get in touch and we will give you a code.

This course is for any age, any body type, and at any stage of your birth.

This is could be for your first birth, second, third and so on!

And for whatever experience you have had in the past.

It also helps guide your birthing partner so you can follow the course together.

Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based approach to birth that seeks to empower you with mindset & practical tools for a positive and empowering birth experience. By the end of the course you will feel informed about the physiology of birth, equipped with techniques for managing labour pain, and tools for how to make informed decisions during your pregnancy and birth.

Let's talk about overcoming fear

Labour is all about letting go. And you probably feel like that's the LAST thing you want to do at the moment.

There's probably some fear in your mind and that's completely normal. No one really teaches us how to remove this fear and replace it with empowered, confident approaches to birth.

And if you have fear, your body creates tension in the muscle, which is the last thing you need during labour.

Birth Box helps YOU provide a space where you feel you can reach these pain barriers and push through them. My method an approach is about working WITH pain, rather than eliminating the sensations altogether. You are going to approach your birth feelig confident, calm and in control during your birth experience

Suzanne Levis

I was drawing close to labour and some fears and trauma from my previous birth were creeping in. I loved the content. I really got where I needed to be. I experience the incredible pause before my daughter was born where everything went quiet, my body relaxed and it was that one final connection with my body during this incredible journey

By the end of Birth Box I want you to be saying


I am really prepared, and I am excited for birth

Birth box is awe-inspiring, I wanted something both me and my partner could work through together and this course helped me achieve my dream birth which is a memory I will never forget.

Katie Dean

The calming audios helped me overcome anxiety during pregnancy and the affirmations and vocalisations got me to 10cms dilated at home without any gas or air. I would recommended Birth Box to everyone.

Charlotte Adler

Birth Box was a big foundation of my approach to the birth and made for a wonderful experience. We ended up having a water birth in a midwife led unit and I’m so glad I found you as I don’t think it would have worked out that way without the prep work I did in Birth Box.

Sally Logan

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