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My journey began after the beautiful and empowering birth experience I had with our daughter.  After giving birth I knew my life was about to change, I felt a fire ignite inside me. Since that moment I have been devoted to spreading positive and empowering information about birth.


 I have developed my own course, produced a popular podcast and created a digital birthing program: Birth Box. Most recently I teamed up with the huge Mumas & Papas, Motherly and the App Peanut - it’s been busy!


But above all of this I do this work because of the transformation I witness in my clients. Bit by bit, throughout the course I see their whole perspective on birth change. Until the very end where they are SO ready to take charge and rock their birth.


You have started your journey by reaching this page and if you’re still here then, well, you may as well get in touch :)


I would be delighted to support you on this special and unique time.


Click the button below, and I’ll be in touch soon.

With warm regards,


Poppy x

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