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Mini Course

A 1-hour live session covering the most powerful breathing techniques for labour 

"I've been watching your videos and used the breathing method. I felt incredibly powerful"


Presented by Poppy Child,
Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Doula 

Hello! I am so excited to announce my new "Breath-work for Labour Mini-Course." This live event is a direct response to the many wonderful messages I've received on social media about how helpful my breathing techniques have been for labour.

In this class, I'm bringing together all the top techniques I've shared over the years into one live, interactive session with me. It's going to be an information-packed session where you'll walk away with practical breathing techniques that you can start using right away during pregnancy and when the big day arrives.

Saturday 30th September, 4pm - 5pm UK Time 
Online Webinar 
Ticket: £15
*sign up early to avoid disappointment*
For £15 you will also receive a Hypnobirthing Track and the recording of the event

In this 'mini-course' we will cover

What people say about the breathing techniques

 "I breathed all the way through it from start to finish. The surge breathing was ace & the track became my birthing partner and companion!"


"Even though my birth didn't didn't go to plan, I found that the breathing technique was a true anchor, allowing me to feel a genuine sense of control when things were intense"



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What if I can't attend the live?
Don't worry! You'll still have access to the recording with all of the techniques :)

Is this the same content as Birth Box?
No! all new :)

Will this event be capped?
Yes, so be quick!

Alexa, US

Thanks so much for Saturday. Both me and my birthing partner really enjoyed the session and since then I've noticed his confidence increase and I feel a lot less anxious about the birth. BI feel a real sense of peace about the day and much less alone.

Carly, UK

As a first time mum to be, my anxiety has been absolutely terrible. The fear of the unknown has been getting worse the closer I am to my due date making me feel like there’s no way out. After your masterclass tonight I already feel better. 

Lisa, AUS

Thank you so much for this class. It was really informative, made me tear up multiple times and has me very excited for my second birth, due with a little girl. Thanks for sharing your passion and the work that you do

Can't wait to see you signed up!


Having a solid set of breathing techniques is crucial for navigating your labour experience. From working through contractions to handling any challenging situations that may arise, breath-work is fundamental to your birthing journey. 

I'm excited to guide you through this journey. Let's get started!

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