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Birth Box

Your Birthing Toolbox. Sorted.

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Online Hypnobirthing Course led by Poppy Child

Welcome, mama-to-be, to a journey towards a positive birth experience.

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Created by Poppy: No1 apple chart podcast, nearly 400k combined followers on IG & Tiktok for childbirth education, host of first ever UK birthing festival POP THAT FEST

You're here because you want a calm and positive birth.

A birth where you feel in control.

A birth that you want to remember and cherish.

I'm Poppy Child, the driving force behind the global brand Pop That Mumma and the acclaimed 5-star Hypnobirthing course, Birth Box.

My mission is crystal clear: to equip you with the tools and confidence needed to embrace your birth journey, no matter what happens.

Every day, our inbox is flooded with incredible birth stories, heartwarming pictures, and inspiring videos of mothers birthing with confidence. It's a powerful testament to the impact of preparation and mindset. And rest assured, all these invaluable tools and techniques are at your fingertips with Birth Box.

You’ll learn how to: 


- Reframe your relationship with fear

- Avoid panic and stay in your zone 

- Take charge of your labour with powerful techniques


- Avoid unnecessary interventions & stand up for yourself 

- Get your birth partner clued up and ready 

Sample the course

This is YOUR birth, and any investment in your birth prep should be considered, so at Birth Box we're opening the lid and giving you a sneak peak into how you could feel at the end of this course.

Here is a juicy taster of educational content, video trainings and positive affirmations for you to try out! Get comfy, grab a hot cup of tea and we hope you enjoy




Videos: focused sessions packed full of essential information and top tips

Audios: podcast-style audios, meditations & guided activities 

PDFs: easy to digest material that helps to cement the learning from the course

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel confident about your upcoming birth following this course, you can have your money back. The only condition is that you complete the full course  - every video, podcast audio and meditation - which is visible on the system. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. 


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Poppy Child, a certified hypnobirthing practitioner, and doula pioneered the REAL-TALK approach after recognising the shortcomings of traditional Hypnobirthing methods. She observed how these courses often promise a pain-free birth simply by "breathing right," a narrative that doesn't always reflect reality for most women. Witnessing mothers blame themselves for not mastering the technique, Poppy saw the need for a candid and honest approach—one that acknowledges the challenges of birth while empowering women to embrace their innate strength.

And so, REAL-TALK Hypnobirthing was born—an approach that doesn't shy away from the realities of childbirth. It acknowledges that birth can be challenging but emphasizes that we are inherently designed and equipped to handle it. Birth Box equips you and your birthing partner with the necessary tools to face any situation with confidence and resilience.

Does it matter if I'm currently enrolled in another course?

Not at all. Many individuals have found immense value in using Birth Box alongside their antenatal or Hypnobirthing courses.

Where is the course hosted?

Birth Box is hosted on the leading online learning platform and app, Thinkific.

What if I'm not based in the UK?

Birth Box is suitable for individuals worldwide. In fact, 50% of our users are from the United States!

Can I buy in another currency?

Absolutely! We have clients from all over the world!

Full FAQ below

Why Birth Box?

What they say...

Birth Box has been informing and empowering thousands world-wide, here are just some of the replies we receive... 

From not being sure what to do or where to start, this course brought me a relief and the confidence I need as a first time mom-to-be. As I went through the course, I sensed my anxiety fading away and determination and confidence took over. Thank you Poppy, you're amazing! And you have a gift of explaining things in a way it stays in heart! 6 more weeks to go and all I say in my mind is "bring it on"!
ast night I birthed my beautiful baby girl and I just want to say THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! I had theeee most empowering birth!! This was my third and by far my most favourite birth!! I was able to be one with my body, without any fear or noise or pain relief I birthed my girl in under an hr! My midwife now wants me to do a course and teach it in our home town she was so amazed!! I just thought I would message you and let you know it was all thanks to you
Birth Box made feel so confident and excited for birth. Poppy's gorgeous, positive energy and the informative course content totally reset my attitude towards labour and birth. I was able to use all the tools and tips in my labour leading to the positive birth of my son!
I love Poppy's positive and realistic views on birth. The Birth Box course is very well laid out, and I appreciate the combination of visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning it provides. It's been a great way for me to really internalize all the technical knowledge and the practical tools! The MP3s are a great addition, as well. There are tons of birth meditations on YouTube, etc. but having some dedicated audio you can use anywhere (even as your falling asleep, uninterrupted by ads!) is very helpful.
I had Poppy's words in my head as I gave birth. I had the birth I wanted and was able to stick it out because I had the confidence to thanks to her hypnobirthing course! Poppy is such a ray of sunshine and is so reassuring. Her hypnobirthing tracks were excellent and she really made a difference for me when preparing for birth and while in labor. I can't thank her enough!
your course really helped in the birth of my beautiful baby boy. We had planned for a nice calming water birth but fate had other plans when I went into slow labor with little progression And as a result his heart rate dropped and had to be born via an emergency c section. Your course helped me visualize and keep calm even when I was terrified and helped me through painful contractions
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the incredible work you put into Birth Box. I was really anxious going into my second birth after a very long, drawn out first time with my eldest, but we brought our beautiful 10lb-er home last weekend after a VERY fast and (accidentally) completely pain relief-free labour and I honestly put it all down to your course.
Hypnobirthing course feedback: I listened to your early labour audio in the bath to keep me calm and focussed through some very intense early back pains, and I used your advice around movement and sound to allow my body to work to its maximum potential whilst keeping my head through the intensity. The confidence your course gave me in my body and the process allowed me to push her out after four hours of first stage labour in SIX MINUTES without any tears or stitching. I did experience some FER. which without vou I would
used your advice around movement and sound to allow my body to work to its maximum potential whilst keeping my head through the intensity. The confidence your course gave me in my body and the process allowed me to push her out after four hours of first stage labour in SIX MINUTES without any tears or stitching. I did experience some FER, which without you I would have had no idea about and probably would have scared the bajeebus out of me at the time without that knowledge. Thank you so much for the care and effort you've put into your work - without your reframing of "pain", I'm honestly not sure what the outcome would have been with such a large baby. I really do think it's a great thing you're doing.

Still not sure? Check out our Wall Of Love

Thousands of reviews from BirthBoxers across the world

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Your Birthing Toolbox. Sorted


Making birth education accesible

I understand that the cost of the full course may not be affordable for everyone, which is why we are now offering a reduced fee for those who need it. If you are struggling to pay £65 for the course then click below and go through the sign up process for a reduced fee. 

  • How does this course compare to an in-person hypnobirthing course?
    Birth Box is a fully comprehensive Hypnobirthing course designed to give you a deep, rich and meaningful learning experience in the same way as an in-person course. There are interactive elements throughout such as a guided movement audio and guided breathing exercise which gives the course a similar feel to the in-person sessions. If at the end of the course you feel you need some face-to-face contact, then you can book a Power Hour with me
  • When should I start this course?
    Any time after 20 weeks but it is NEVER too late.
  • How long do I have access to this course?
    365 days. If you need access to it again for a further pregnancy get in touch and we will give you a code.
  • Is this course for people only based in the UK?
    No. This course is relevant for everyone, regardless of location.
  • How long is the course?
    It could take days or weeks, that's totally up to you. You set your own pace. If you were right at the end of pregnancy you could easily complete the course in 4 days.
  • What actually is Hypnobirthing?
    Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based approach to birth that seeks to empower you with mindset & practical tools for a positive and empowering birth experience. By the end of the course you will feel informed about the physiology of birth, equipped with techniques for managing labour pain, and tools for how to make informed decisions during your pregnancy and birth.
  • Will this course help me have a pain-free birth?
    My method and approach is about working WITH pain rather eliminating the sensations all together. Hypnobirthing helps you to stay calm and in control during your birth experience.

Qualifications & credentials

Fully Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner 

Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives 


Recognised by Doula UK

DIP Counselling


Trained in Human Rights & Childbirth Advocacy 

Trained in Biomechanics & Optimal Positioning 

Helping you to develop a positive mindset and learn practical tools and techniques to take charge of your labour. You’ll release fear and build confidence as you work your way through modules which combine video and audio content. Birth Box features interactive elements that deepen the learning, from immersive breathing exercises and guided movement through to a 3D fear releasing audio and meditations. This is a birthing course like no other. Get ready to be informed, inspired and excited for birth. 

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