Birth Box Reviews

Reviews are an integral part of what I do. The feedback we have received from Birth Box have been a driving force in continually improving the course, making Birth Box intuitive, positive and enjoyable for those about to experience labour and birth.


Caroline Smith
"I used Birth Box at 39 weeks! From the first contraction to delivery was less than 5 hours, without epidural and without tears with a 10lb baby! I couldn't have done it without the Birth Box advice so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU"

Cara Doering
"I HAVE LOVED IT! This was just what I needed to help get rid of some anxiety I’ve been feeling. I’ll be recommending this to everyone I know!!"

Prenancy in White
Prenatal Yoga

Meira Kosofsky

"Birth Box is excellent! The material helped give me the proper mindset and concrete tools for the delivery of my little boy. I was able to have a calm, beautiful birth that I will look back on as a special memory."

Soul Char

"Your Birth Box surge audio was ace - I breathed through it all from the start to finish - so much so the hospital didn’t believe I was in active labour and my partner turned up 15mins before birth-  your audio was my birthing partner and companion 🌈⭐️✨🍼👶🏻"